Top Tips: 5 Tips to Work from Home Effectively

We have asked five members of our team to tell us what has worked best for them when working from home in order to maintain maximum productivity and work effectively!

Charlotte: Keeping My Morning Routine

“Mine is definitely having a morning routine exactly the same as I would working from the office. Up early, small workout, shower, makeup, hair, coffee, the works!”

Jenny: Staying Connected with Co-workers Throughout the Day

“For me it’s all about trying to create the same connected friendly office atmosphere at home, with our internal daily video calls and online chats. Also having a cat co-worker to help you destress at the end of the day can help with productivity too!”

Harrison: Having the Pets for Company

“It’s nice to have the pets sitting next to me and running around when I’m on client calls throughout the day. And I’ve recently accepted a new pet living under the floorboards!”

Jamie: Cracking the Windows Open

“Keeping all of the windows open helps to circulate the fresh air around me. I even keep them open when it’s freezing cold outside, fresh air definitely helps!”

Zahra: Moving Around

“Taking a few minutes here and there to do some stretches or pace around the room, helps to break up the day and keeps me (slightly) active while working!”

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