Top Tips: 5 Tips to Delivering ‘Excellent’ Rated Support

Whether you’re managing an IT support team for your business, part of an IT support team or just interested in The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group support team, keep reading! We asked our Technical Services Manager how his support team get month on month positive feedback from clients…

Meeting SLA’s

“Our support team are proficient in responding to clients needs in a timely manner, often exceeding the set timescales and providing responses within in minutes rather than hours. This ensures we not only meet client expectations but go above and beyond them.”

Keeping Users Updated (Every Step of the Way!)

“When providing support for something that may not necessarily be a ‘quick fix’, our team ensure that end users are kept up to date every step of the way on what stage the support team are at. We know our clients don’t have time to chase us for updates, so we make sure they don’t have to!”

Most Effective Way of Fulfilling Tasks

“Where possible we utilise the best form of communication for the task at hand. For example, several of our client’s IT support needs can be resolved via phone/online communication whereas some tasks need to be carried out onsite. No two support cases are the same!”

Clear Communication

“The team manage the whole IT infrastructure for some of our clients, in this case many end users will have little to no IT experience. Therefore, when we assist these clients, we ensure to use little technical jargon and communicate how we are coming to a resolution in the clearest way possible.”

Going the Extra Mile!

“A little extra effort always makes a big difference. Our support team go out of their way beyond support calls/onsite visits to ensure clients are absolutely satisfied with our solutions and services.”

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