Top Tips: 5 Tips On What it Takes to Be a Cloud at The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group

This week we announced all members of our team are officially called Clouds, and together we are a group of Clouds – although the sky is very rarely the limit for us! Following on from this we (virtually) got all members of The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group team together to discuss what’s truly at the core of being a great Cloud.


As we look after and monitor business critical workloads for our clients, we understand that they need to know we are reliable enough to look after their IT infrastructure. We understand that everyone has a job to do and ours is always looking after our clients and their environment at the highest level.

Always in the Know

As a team we ensure we are kept up to date on the latest technology and industry trends through continual training. Our knowledge and determination to constantly learn and evolve, as Clouds, is reflected in the quality and wide range of IT services and solutions we offer our clients daily.

Transparent and Honest

We pride ourselves on honesty and are completely transparent with one another and our clients. Our clients can rest assured that our team of Clouds would never suggest a solution/service to them that would not benefit their IT environment and business productivity.


As Clouds we all like to think we are approachable, not only for ourselves but for our clients too. We all know there is nothing better than receiving service from someone with a smile on their face and a friendly attitude!

Client Focused and Going the Extra Mile

On any given occasion we go out of our way to deliver the best services we can. Us Clouds have our clients are the core of everything we do – this ethos has been passed through to us from our CEO and COO and runs throughout the CLOUD SYSTEMS Group family.

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