Top Tips: 5 Tips and Benefits of Colocation

Top Tips: 5 Tips and Benefits of Colocation

With the question of whether ‘Renting is the new buying’ constantly bouncing around, we began to question whether this may be the same for taking Rack Space and where Data is kept. Having recently released an exclusive CLOUD SYSTEMS offer for Full Racks at our very own Private POD, our team began to receive questions around what the benefits of Colocation actually are.


Colocation allows for Multi-Cloud deployment and additionally allows for Computing to be pushed further to the edge – closer to end users and their digital devices. 100% Up time is critical for any business and Data Centres provide access to high-speed, high-quality bandwidth, which in turn increases performance through lower latency and higher availability of data. Furthermore in order to increase performance, high powered Data Centre equipment such as cooling systems are constantly running in the background.

Reduced Maintenance

Maintaining and supporting servers can be time-consuming for IT staff, this is heavily reduced when servers are kept in another facility other than your own. Data Centres have teams of highly skilled engineers that are on hand to provide immediate support, and expert management 24/7. They have multiple backup generators and additional backup sites to ensure services aren’t interrupted and can be restored in an emergency.


Both the Virtual and Physical Security of data centres are at an all-time high, in order to prevent any unauthorised external attacks on the facility and data that is being looked after inside the facility. Access into any given facility is tightly regulated, all visits are pre-booked, with primary identification a mandatory requirement for every entry and access is only allowed to the individual’s specific equipment.

Reduced Costs

Costs of On-Premise servers can be an extremely high over-head for any business. This can be significantly reduced with Colocation, as Data Centres provide the highest level of facilities for servers, but at a fraction of the cost. Replicating this kind of environment to ensure maximum safety and performance for servers can be extremely costly for your business.


Colocation rack space is a flexible way to tend to a business’s storage and networking requirements. Space can be rented based on current needs, but in turn can be easily scaled up as requirements change and evolve.

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