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IT Consultancy Services

Consultancy is at the very heart of everything we do at CLOUD SYSTEMS. Our comprehensive knowledge spans all aspects of the IT Industry and our two Senior Consultants have been providing IT Services to businesses for in excess of 50 years between them. In contrast to many other organisations, each of our Consultants has a wide set of skills which span the trade meaning that a single Consultant can often assist businesses with all of their requirements. This comprehensive knowledge allows us to provide our Clients with a more personalised service which is tailored exactly to their requirements and which is able to immediately react to their ever changing needs.

Cloud IT Services

At CLOUD SYSTEMS we have a long history of providing bespoke cloud computing solutions. As a business, we have been providing our own cloud solutions and technologies since we were formed in 2010. However, our Consultants and team members were working with businesses to implement their own private cloud solutions long before the term “Cloud Computing” was widely acknowledged or referred to.

We are proud to offer a wide range of solutions which come with a variety of deployment scenarios to suit all requirements and budgets. We have our own bespoke UK Private Cloud which we use to provide Cloud Services and Infrastructure as a Service solutions as well as being well versed in Public Cloud Services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS.) In addition, we are also able to bring cloud technology to our Clients for those who wish to run their operations from an existing Data Centre or IT Environment.

Communications Services

At CLOUD SYSTEMS we are able to provide both individual Connectivity, Voice and Video solutions as well as a complete solution which satisfies all requirements.

At a network level, we can provide all manor of connectivity including but not limited to ADSL, FTTC, EFM, Fibre, Point to Point and Short Haul connections. We are also true advocates of SDWAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networks) and can build a solution which either leverages this technology in its entirety or mixes in traditional Leased Line and MPLS technologies where required.

When it comes to Voice and Video Solutions, we can offer various different technologies which either specialise in a single technology or provide a combined solution. Each of our offerings is based on cloud technology meaning that it can be deployed with minimal upfront investment whilst also allowing for the solution to be scaled up or down as required.

Support Services

Our Support and Managed Service Solutions can be completely customised to meet any Client requirements and range from offering adhoc assistance when required through to a constant onsite presence. We are able to fully integrate our services with an existing IT Team ensuring seamless collaboration or to offer full outsourcing solutions for those Clients who do not have an IT Resource of their own.

Through the deployment of our ATLAS Remote Management tool, we are able to constantly watch over our Clients devices to ensure that their IT Infrastructure is in the optimum operating condition. Any events which fall outside of strict thresholds immediately trigger an alarm at our Helpdesk which results in an Engineer investigating the issue and conducting remedial actions as required. Such is the fine tuning of our alert thresholds that in the vast majority of cases, our engineers will have reacted to an alert and resolved the symptoms before the issue becomes service affecting or is even noticed by our clients.

Typical deployments of our Support Services include:

  • Outsourcing of 1st Line Support allowing internal IT Resources to concentrate on more important tasks.
  • Outsourcing of 3rd Line Support and the operation, management and maintenance of internal Systems and Infrastructure.
  • Providing additional onsite or remote IT Resources in peak times or to assist with projects.