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GDPR & Data Protection

At The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group we are committed to the protection of your data.

Data Protection is a key factor in all of the decisions we make, not only across our own Organisation but also when it comes to dealing with our Partners, Suppliers and Clients as well. We have always understood that we have a responsibility to ensure the security of both the data which we control and that which we process on behalf of others and we have robust policies and procedures in place which allow us to do so.

Data Location

All services which we provide to our Clients including the data stored within are based solely within one of our UK Data Centres. All of our internal business data is stored on IT Systems and Services housed within the EU.


All access to the data we hold and the services we provide is strictly controlled and access is restricted to only those who require it. All of our systems are protected by sophisticated security measures including (but not limited to) encryption, multiple factor authentication and activity monitoring to ensure that only authorised personnel are granted access and that their actions are monitored and controlled at all times.


Our Privacy and Cookies Policy details what personal information we collect, and for how long it is retained.

Data Processing

As a Cloud Service Provider we process information on behalf of our Clients. In addition to our main Service Level Agreements we can also provide supplementary Data Processing Agreements which we are happy to enter into on request.

Accessing Your Data

We have procedures in place which allow individuals to access any of the personal information which we hold. Should you wish to obtain a copy of your personal data, request an amendment to that data or submit an erasure request then please contact dataprotection@cloud-systems.com.