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We are The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group.

A privately owned, client led and technically focused Organisation providing IT Services to a wide variety of Clients located around the globe. We specialise in providing Consultancy, Cloud, Communication and Support Solutions to our customers who range from large multinationals and retailers with many thousands of users to small start-ups with only one or two.

We value each of our clients and their requirements above all else and take great pride in our technical agility which allows us to be consistently at the forefront of technology. As an Intel Technology Provider Gold Partner and a Microsoft Service Provider we support over 4,000 users on our bespoke Private Cloud which is operated from 3 leading UK Data Centres. In addition, our IT Support and Managed Services division is proud to be a Solarwinds N-Able Elite Partner whilst our Communications division has a close partnership with Gamma.

Executive Team



Senior Consultant and Chief Executive Officer

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Tony has been providing IT Services to businesses for 30 years and has seen the industry completely transform as a result. Starting his IT Career at the dawn of personal desktop computing he worked tirelessly to learn every aspect of these new devices before beginning the journey into servers, networking and business solutions.

Over time, Tony’s Consultancy business grew into a self-perpetuating IT Support business which looked after both large enterprises and small businesses alike and took great pride in delivering exceptional service to all of its Clients. As the industry continued to progress, Tony quickly identified the shift towards more proactive services and implemented advanced monitoring and management technologies to further boost service levels which transformed the business into an early provider of Managed Services. In 2010, after having spent many prior years working with businesses to implement Private Cloud strategies, Tony once again identified the need for change and the requirement to embrace Cloud Technologies which resulted in the birth of CLOUD SYSTEMS.

Tony grew up in Birmingham and spent much of his childhood travelling the world with his family. Today, he still has a passion for travel and enjoys touring the world with his wife Liz and the rest of their family. Tony’s other hobbies include Reading, Swimming, Golf and Walking his Dog!




Senior Consultant & Chief Operating Officer

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Edward grew up around computers and has been interested in the industry ever since he was a young child. His first computer was a DOS based laptop with a monochrome monitor after which he graduated onto his families Windows 3.1 home computer. He was building computers before the age of 10 and shortly after was exposed to servers and networking as he began to assist his fathers business with onsite project work.

Over time, Edward’s interest in the IT industry continued to grow as did his experience and he finally joined his fathers IT Business as an apprentice at the age of 18. The apprenticeship allowed Edward to fine tune his skills across all aspects of the industry and as they developed he continuously progressed onto more complicated projects with larger companies. Today, one of his crowning achievements is the Private Cloud service offered by CLOUD SYSTEMS which he designed and built from the ground up.

Edward grew up in Birmingham and enjoyed travelling as a child. When he is not at work he enjoys nothing more than travelling the world with his Fiance√© and spending time with their family and friends. Edward’s hobbies include Music, Photography, Swimming, Golf, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking and Walking his Dog!