Top Tips: 5 Tech Tips to Get Prepared for Remote Working

Whether you’re working from your sofa at home, a pool in an exotic destination or any other new remote location – our team of Clouds have put together a list of technology tips to get you and your team prepared for working remotely.

Reliable Connectivity

Fast and reliable Internet connections are essential when working away from the office. When speaking with Colleagues and Clients, wherever you are, no one enjoys being the person on video calls with the weak internet connection! The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group offer and host a range of reliable yet cost effective Connectivity solutions dependant on your needs. Please get in touch today for Small Business/Home internet prices.

Instant Messaging / Video Conferencing Software

Staying connected with Colleagues and Clients online is now more important than ever. Working remotely and not being able to have every meeting face to face, means we are now relying on Communication solutions to keep us connected. Here at The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group, we host and support a range of Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing solutions that are easy to manage and utilise remotely.

Hardware: PC / Laptop

We all have different ways of working, depending on who we are and where we’re working from. Some of us may enjoy being able to set up a full home office set with a Desktop, whilst others may enjoy working from a variety of locations (the Sofa/a Café/the Beach?) and would therefore require a Laptop. Also, some may enjoy a Desk Phone for a traditional office feel, whilst others may enjoy light (or heavy) Headsets! With any new hardware, we understand the importance of Cybersecurity, our team are on hand to help if you are unsure on which Cybersecurity tool to go for. Whoever you are and however your Team work, make sure to visit The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group Online Store for all the latest tech to get you set up for efficient remote working!

Project Management Systems & Tools to Aid Working

Working remotely doesn’t’ need to be a headache when it comes to collaborating with co-workers and working on Team Projects, with or for your Clients. Being away from the office means your team will likely need a unified system to log into and work on together with real-time updates. Furthermore, you and your Team may already have Office 365 for day to day tasks and not know how to utilise it fully, don’t worry we’re on hand to help! Please get in touch with the CLOUD SYSTEMS team for more information and advice.

An IT Team at Hand to Assist!

The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group Support Team are recognised as delivering ‘Excellent’ rated Support. Our team are flexible and able to provide Specialists for all levels of IT Support including (but not limited to) End User Support. Get in touch today to find out more about the Support services we offer!

Here at The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group, we understand that working from home as the new norm is new to a lot of businesses nationwide. This is why we are here to assist with getting your end users set up and familiarised with their new tech, call us today to speak with a member of our team!

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